What to Eat Daily to Lose Weight (Infographic Checklist)

Are you wondering what to eat everyday to lose weight?

Earlier today I heard a relative of mine as she said about how upset she was. She was upset because she has been trying to help her father get healthier from his illness. But despite all the effort she has done, there have been no signs of improvement concerning her father’s health.

When it comes to losing weight, not seeing improvement will upset you also. You diet for weeks and months but the scale hasn’t moved. You feel you are stuck in your old same routine and you’re not getting anywhere closer to your goals.

You may think you are eating wrong. But the truth is, there is only one principle to weight loss and that is prolonged calorie restriction. Brad Pilon explains in Eat Stop Eat that as long as you restrict your calorie intake, you will lose weight.

But it’s not just about eating less calories, it’s also about how long you can eat less calories. You may be excited and determined at the beginning, but after weeks of not seeing results, no one will blame you if you give up. What can you do to avoid giving up?

Another tip Brad gives in his book is to eat clean. If you eat completely clean, organic foods, then you will lose weight almost effortlessly. However, eating completely clean isn’t easy since we have been eating dirty since the day we were born. Still, there are some foods you can eat daily to improve your chances of losing that belly fat.

This helpful infographic from DietingDirection.com gives 20 foods to eat to help you lose weight:

What to Eat Daily to Lose Weight

The foods in the picture include:

  • Meat and poultry: steak, eggs, wild salmon, sardines
  • Fruits: apple, goji berries, blueberries, pomegranate, avocado
  • Vegetables: kale, chillies, tarragon, olive oil
  • Nuts, grains and others: oats, lentils, buckwheat pasta, almond butter, quinoa, yogurt, parmesan

You don’t have to eat all of these foods everyday. You can choose a few or just one to eat one day at a time. A better idea is to combine foods to create a meal. Eating apples with almonds is a tasty healthy snack for mid day or mid afternoon.

For better and faster results, combine eating clean with intermittent fasting. IF is explained in detail inside Brad’s book including how many days you should fast each week. Read this page if you want information on what kind of Eat Stop Eat results you can achieve.

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