Eat Stop Eat Review: Eat Everyday and Still Drop 20 Lbs

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        Table of Contents:

        1. Your Fed State and Your Fasted State
        2. What do You Get in Eat Stop Eat?
        3. How Does Eat Stop Eat Work?
        4. The Positive Points of ESE
        5. The Negative Points of ESE
        6. How ESE Can Help You if You’re a …

        Your Fed State and Your Fasted State

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        I believe that true health means maintaining a balance.

        If you don’t have balance, you end up being stuck in a same old routine that doesn’t get you anywhere. You try everything you can to lose weight. You try juicing, low carbohydrate diets, strenuous exercise … but none of it works!

        You try every diet out there and never have luck. Or you can lose weight but your diet isn’t sustainable. You can’t stick with it because it’s too hard to deal with. The thought of never tasting your favorite foods again is depressing – and ultimately defeating.

        You know you have to try something different …

        There has to be something that can bring your weight down.

        If this is your situation, then you are missing balance in your life. When you want to lose weight, you must maintain a balance between your fed state and your fasted state. When you get them right, these two states can dramatically boost your weight loss.

        This balance is what Brad Pilon wants to help you achieve through his book, Eat Stop Eat. Below, I write my review and opinion of this book so you know if it can help you or not.

        What do you get in Eat Stop Eat?

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        Eat Stop Eat (or ESE) is written by Brad Pilon, who has worked in a top supplement company and holds a Master Degree in Applied Human Nutrition. Brad wrote the book as part of his study at university because he felt there were many types of diet research without accurate analysis.

        This book is a program available in a PDF format. After you purchase, you can download the ebook inside your members area. There are 3 books that comprise this program:

        1. The main Eat Stop Eat book that contains the science behind the program
        2. Eat Stop Eat Optimized that contains Brad’s personal experience doing the program
        3. Eat Stop Eat Quick Start Guide that contains a brief summary of the main book

        ESE works using the principles of intermittent fasting (IF). The majority of the book explains what IF is, the science of how it works, the incorrect myths about it, and what benefits it can bring you.

        Brad has studied over 300 scientific studies to understand truly how fasting can benefit your body. He applied what he learned to his body and experienced great results. With intermittent fasting, Brad was able to get a leaner, healthier body in a more safe and sustainable way.

        In the book, Brad says that the true cause of weight loss is prolonged calorie restriction. All diets can help you lose weight since all diets restrict your calorie consumption. However, Brad considers that ESE is not a diet.

        Here is a quote from Brad:

        It is important to note right away that I do not consider this a diet program. There are no phases, no point systems, no weighing foods, and most importantly no foods that are ever off-limits.

        In fact, with Eat Stop Eat you are losing fat by doing nothing: not cooking, not eating, and not worrying about what you will eat when you’re eating.

        Eat Stop Eat, page 115

        The best diet for you is one you can enjoy and stay on the longest. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stay on the diet long enough to see results. If you do enjoy it, you can do the diet easier and have a good chance to achieve weight loss.

        Taking this into mind, ESE is designed to be as simple and enjoyable as possible for you.

        How does Eat Stop Eat work?

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        ESE is a lifestyle that works using a combination of two things:

        • Short-term, flexible intermittent fasting
        • Resistance training

        It is more than a diet program. ESE is “a way of life where you accept the idea of taking small 24-hour breaks from eating, and taking part in resistance exercises (working out with weights) at least two to three times a week. That’s it.” (ESE page 114)

        Of course, you must know what you are doing. Fasting is not as simple as not eating. There are various guidelines that Brad writes, so you don’t end up injuring yourself. Even so, ESE is a much more simple program compared to other weight loss programs out there.

        One user reports his success story and writes this testimonial:

        “(ESE is) much easier than any of the fad diets and a very long standing and proven way to maintain a lean body and fix your insulin response! I have lost over 20lbs of just PURE Body fat using this method in combination with my Kettlebell and Karate training.”

        –Mike Moran

        IF requires you to fast for 16-24 hours. You stop eating, but you can still drink water or coffee. Brad recommends using 24 hours because it’s much easier to remember. You should also choose a simple start time, such as 10 A.M or 2 P.M.

        • If you start at 10 A.M, you eat breakfast, stop, and eat lunch the next day
        • If you start at 2 P.M, you eat lunch, stop, and eat dinner the next day

        This way, although you fast for a whole day, you still eat every day.

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        The positive points of ESE

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        #1 There is a substantial amount of research

        I read another weight loss book (that I won’t name). The book was awful because it only contained generic knowledge on nutrition and biology. There were no cited studies or results from users. The book was just over 100 pages of information you can easily find online.

        In contrast to that, ESE is full of scientific research. Brad makes over a hundred references to studies with each claim and conclusion he makes. I am a data-driven person, so all the cited studies help me confirm that what Brad says is supported and not just written out of his mouth.

        #2 Fasting doesn’t cost you anything to implement

        Other diets require you to buy certain foods or subscribe to custom meal plans. The cost of purchasing these foods can be quite expensive. One local diet program in my home town costs $300 per week for the food alone!

        On the opposite side, ESE recommends you eat nothing. Eating nothings costs you nothing. There are no special foods to buy. Brad says you can eat anything you want – but remember to eat responsibly.

        #3 There are many weight loss success stories using IF

        ESE isn’t the only book that explains intermittent fasting. There are many other weight loss books that include IF as part of their program. In fact, IF is often attributed to the ‘rapid fat loss’ that many other programs offer.

        Although it isn’t the only book about IF, ESE is probably the most comprehensive one. I have not read all books about IF, but from the ones I have read, ESE is the definitive one.

        The negative points of ESE

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        #1 The book can be a LONG read

        If you’re not the type of person who loves hard science, ESE can be quite long to read. There is a wealth of information in this book, but it may be too much if you prefer just the essential points.

        You can overcome this by reading the Optimized or Quick Start Guide. It gives you a quick look at what you need to do. You can refer to the main book when you need more in-depth info.

        #2 You need time to adjust to fasting

        If you have never done fasting before in your life, you will need time to adjust to it. We are so used to eating all the time that not eating becomes difficult mostly for our mind. Fortunately, Brad’s method of fasting is easy for the beginner, and he recommends you begin with a short duration to get the hang of it.

        In conclusion, ESE is not a magic bullet diet that will guarantee you rapid fat loss in seconds. But it is supported by intensive research and has helped many people achieve weight loss. Of course, you have to do the work including the fasting and resistance training to see your results.

        How ESE can help you if you’re a …

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        College student. I don’t know about you, but when I was a college student, I was already not eating! With the amount of studying and laboratory work you have to do, it can be difficult to eat on time. Fasting helps take your eating schedule out of your mind so you can focus on your studies and saves you some dollars.

        Bride-to-be. It seems that many women try to lose weight in an unhealthy way to prepare for their wedding. You are stressed about your big day, and you lose your appetite. When you’re fasting, you stop eating on purpose and in a healthy way. You can focus your mind on preparation, and also save money on food costs.

        Busy businessman. Depending on your wife’s cooking, fasting can be quite a challenge haha. You might want to ask your wife to fast with you even is she doesn’t need to lose weight. When you fast, you can dedicate more time for your work. Your business partners will see your commitment to health during lunch meetings.

        In all occasions, ESE frees your mind from worrying about eating to focus on achieving success.

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