Why The Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You to Lose Weight

Diet Snack HealthyThe diet industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It’s such a large industry because it aims to solve a fundamental human problem: to be healthy. We all want to be healthy because we want to live a long life, enjoy rewarding relationships, and create meaning in our lives.

When you are at your peak health, you enjoy many benefits:

  • You have a better looking appearance with a fit body shape
  • You become more attractive to your wife
  • You feel more energy than someone who is ten years younger than you

Overall, you gain a great satisfaction in all aspects of your life when you are healthy. As Jane Velez-Mitchell says:

Obesity affects every aspect of people’s lives, from health to relationships.

When you aren’t healthy, all of these aspects become a problem for you. You have added “baggage” that makes you look undesirable. Your love life lacks luster, and you feel you have no intimacy. You may be young, but you feel you don’t have energy and easily get tired.

All of these problems become a powerful motivation. You look in the mirror and say “I’ve had enough” and you want to get in shape. You want to get control of your weight – and in effect, get control of life.

How much money does the diet industry make?

You aren’t alone in your struggle. According to statistics, the U.S diet industry has an annual revenue of $20 billion dollars. The industry makes their revenue from sales of diet books, diet supplements, and weight-loss surgeries. A celebrity gets paid on average $1.75 million for their endorsement of a weight-loss diet.

With all the money spent on diets, there are over 1.6 billion overweight people around the world. According to a Harvard study, the rate of obesity in America has more than doubled since 1980. One out of three adults in the U.S is obese.

Judy Davis warns us of the dangers of obesity:

This generation might be the first where kids are dying at a younger age than their parents, and it’s related primarily to the obesity problem.

How can it be that more money is being spent to fight obesity, yet at the same time more people are getting fatter? How is it that new diet potions, pills, and programs are churned out constantly, but only a few people manage to lose successfully their weight?

The answer to that may be a frightening one.

What are the true intentions of the diet industry?

In his book, “Eat Stop Eat”, Brad Pilon reveals the lies about the diet industry:

Research on nutrition and food is no longer conducted to improve our health and wellbeing. It is conducted for marketing purposes and as a method to get us to buy one product over another, and it is all based on us being constant consumers.

This statement is important. It comes from a person who has worked for a supplement company, and has had an inside look at the diet industry. Brad warns us that most of research in the health and fitness industry is done not for the welfare of consumers – but for the profit of shareholders.

The diet industry has an interest to keep you buying their products. If you can lose weight once, you won’t need to buy any more books, pills, or programs (as long as you don’t regain the lost weight). Of course, the diet companies don’t want you to stop buying. So, they make products that turn you into a constant consumer without helping you truly lose weight.

As a result, you have a hard time losing weight. You try seemingly every diet out there, but you never have ‘luck’. The scale hasn’t budged, and you’re wondering what’s wrong with your body?

How can you avoid being a ‘victim’?

What if there was a way to avoid being a ‘victim’ of the diet industry? I’m not saying that ALL health-oriented companies out there are involved in a conspiracy. There are a few genuine folks who truly want to help you get into the best shape of your life.

You have to be smart about your choices to avoid becoming a ‘victim’. You need to understand all the principles of strong health, and how your body works. One Eureka I realized is that you also need to know the balance of food – you have to balance eating and not eating.

I learned this Eureka when I read “Eat Stop Eat” by Brad Pilon. This book helped me to see the truth about the diet industry. It helped me to know what I need to lose weight in a safe and sustainable way. Now I can avoid being a ‘victim’ and take control of my health – and in effect, my life. I recommend you read my review of Eat Stop Eat so that you can take control of your life.